What Should You Keep In Mind When Caring For Men's Nails At Home?

What Should You Keep In Mind When Caring For Men's Nails At Home?

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1. What Should You Pay Attention To During Nail Care For Men?

To ensure the quality of nails as well as aesthetic factors, when performing nail care for men, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

1.1 . Make Sure Your Nails Are Always Dry And Clean

Nails can have problems under the influence of bacteria. Therefore, the nail care process for men needs to ensure that they are always clean and dry after washing their hands.
When washing nails, men should use a small specialized brush and a little salt to gently scrub the skin and nails. This method is extremely effective in preventing and removing dirt and disease-causing bacteria.

1.2. Don't Let Your Nails Be Too Long, Don't Bite Your Nails

Letting your nails be too long not only causes difficulty in daily life activities but also increases the risk of accumulating dirt and bacteria that are harmful to the nails. Therefore, for the best nail care process for men, you should cut your nails regularly and clean your nail cutting tools.
Another issue that needs to be noted is that men should absolutely not bite their nails with their mouths. Although this is a habit of many people, this is absolutely not good for men's nail care. Causes can include the following:

* Causes loss of nail aesthetics
* Nails are more vulnerable because when exposed to saliva, nails become weaker and break more easily than usual.
 Increases the risk of transferring disease-causing bacteria to the mouth and vice versa.

1.3. Use Gloves

Using gloves when needing direct contact with detergents and chemicals is a factor to note in nail care for men and women. Because chemicals and detergents often contain many harmful ingredients and affect the quality of nails. For example, Isopropyl alcohol, formaldehyde, acetone,...
However, you also need to pay attention to regularly cleaning gloves (wash and dry) or you can use gloves once to avoid bacteria accumulation.

1.4. Use Moisturizer

Dryness and peeling of the nails or surrounding skin can occur in men. This is one of the main reasons why nails become thinner and more brittle, especially in winter.
So how should men's nails be cared for so that they become stronger and more aesthetically pleasing? Use nail moisturizer for an option you can consider. The ingredients in the cream help provide and continuously moisturize, while also making nails shiny.

1.5. Improves The Quality Of The Cuticles Around The Nails

The cuticles around the nails play an important role in connecting the skin of the hands and nails. However, this cuticle layer is very susceptible to damage, which in turn directly affects nail quality.
Therefore, when taking care of men's nails, they also need to pay attention to taking care of this cuticle layer. For example:
* Use coconut oil to moisturize the skin.
* Do not bite the cuticles with your mouth, instead use nail clippers or specialized nail cutters.
* When the cuticle area is scratched or inflamed, cut gently to avoid causing damage or inflammation from spreading to the nail.

1.6. Quickly Detect Nail Diseases

During the process of taking care of your "nail" health, you should pay attention to changes or unusual signs of the nails. From there, it helps to quickly detect possible nail diseases and provide effective solutions.

2. What To Eat To Make Your Nails Strong And Healthy?

Besides the notes on nail care for men, what to eat to keep nails strong and healthy is also an issue that many people are concerned about. The reason is that a lack of vitamin D and calcium in the diet will cause nails to become weaker and more brittle than usual.
In addition, other nutrients such as Vitamin C, fatty acids, zinc, iodine, protein, copper,... are also ingredients that need to be supplemented if you want to have really strong nails.
So what should you eat to make your nails strong and healthy? Below is a list of foods that should be prioritized for supplementation according to expert recommendations that you can refer to, including:
* Yogurt and dairy products with abundant amounts of protein, vitamin A, and vitamin D needed set.
* Chicken eggs: this is a source of protein and calcium that you definitely should not ignore if you want your nails to become stronger. In addition, it also contains other essential substances such as iron, selenium, and vitamin E that are good for nails and body health.
* Sea fish: Sea fish such as tuna, salmon, mackerel, etc. contain many fatty acids that are good for nails. Therefore, you definitely should not ignore this food group in your daily diet.
* Dark green vegetables: contain many essential vitamins and minerals. Therefore, if you want your nails to not be brittle or broken, you should prioritize using a variety of green vegetables and fruits every day.
* Nuts: with a source of fatty acids, zinc, magnesium,... are important factors to help strengthen nails every day. You can prioritize using nuts such as walnuts, pumpkin seeds, beans, almonds,...

Thus, along with building a process and proper way to care for men's nails, it is necessary to combine with a scientific diet to improve the quality of "health" for nails. In addition, when noticing diseases or abnormal conditions of the nails, men also need to quickly go to medical facilities and addresses to be evaluated and accurately diagnosed with the condition they are experiencing.