What Is Filler? Notes When Wanting To Beautify With Filler

What Is Filler? Notes When Wanting To Beautify With Filler

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1. What Is Filler?

Filler is one of the substances used for non-invasive beauty, bringing high efficiency and safety to humans.
This is another name for fillers - substances containing the main ingredient hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is known for its superior water-retaining ability. It is located in the dermis layer of the skin, not only helps bring elasticity and limit wrinkles, but also effectively lubricates skeletal muscles. joint.
Hyaluronic acid exists in all cells, but most commonly in some locations such as the skin of the lips, eyes, connective tissue, bones, cartilage, etc. Normally, each of our bodies has has the ability to synthesize this acid naturally, but over time, due to age and a number of other factors, this ability is reduced.
This will cause the skin surface to become wrinkled, less firm and bright. Therefore, filler with the main ingredient hyaluronic acid will be injected into a number of locations to fill wrinkles and lines, making the skin plumper, healthier and more beautiful.
This is also the basic difference between filler and botox. Even though it is a non-invasive cosmetic method, Botox mainly inhibits the formation and appearance of wrinkles while filler fills them.

2. Effects And Applications Of Fillers

When answering the question of what fillers are, we can partly understand the main effects of fillers.
For the skin, when injecting filler, the skin will be smoother, more rosy, and become more youthful and vibrant. Therefore, filler will be injected into areas on the face such as smile lines, eye corners, removing wrinkles on lips, etc.
However, its applications are much more than that, which are:
Shaping, change some points, for example: create high cheekbones, make sunken cheeks plump, fill the temples, create thick lips, raise and slim the nose, shape the chin,...
Inject some other parts of the body, for example: on the hands to overcome thinness and tendons, correct crooked knees, make legs straighter,... Not only women, many men also use filler injections to get a bigger nose and thicker ears with the hope of improving feng shui.

3. Is Filler Injection Safe?

Having a beautiful appearance is something that almost everyone wants. That's why many people are interested in cosmetic methods nowadays. Compared to cosmetic surgery, filler injections may be chosen by more people because of their wide application, quick implementation time, and non-invasiveness, so recovery is faster.
Filler has been researched and manufactured with ingredients that are almost completely compatible with the body to create safety.Furthermore, it can dissolve on its own and be eliminated from the body after a period of time.
However, many people have encountered complications such as: misalignment, stiffness, non-dissolving, scarring, more dangerous: blindness, necrosis, infection and even death.

So, what could be the cause of this situation?
Due to the quality of the filler , this is one of the first common causes leading to the above conditions. Currently, on the market, there are many types of fillers that do not guarantee quality, have not been medically certified but are still openly circulated. Many people, because of profits, prey on the psychology of customers with poor understanding or low income, leading to unfortunate consequences.

Due to the qualifications of the practitioner

For this reason, two cases can occur:
For people who are not properly trained, often practicing at spas and cosmetic hospitals whose quality has not been verified. licensed, even in barber shops, shampoo salons or home beauty salons. If they use filler that does not ensure quality, the consequences are unpredictable.
The second case is for people who do not have much experience, so when performing the procedure, the injection wound may be too shallow or too deep, making the filler ineffective. Even when injected into the right artery, it can cause anterior chamber hemorrhage or blindness.
Some other causes include: facility conditions are not guaranteed to be sterile according to medical standards, injection overdose. There are also cases where patients are allergic to the ingredients of the injection but are not carefully checked and tested, leading to reactions.

4. How To Use Filler Safely And Effectively?

Along with the question of what filler is, how to use filler to achieve safety and high efficiency is also something we need to pay attention to.

Equip yourself with basic knowledge
Before using any method, you need to equip yourself with basic knowledge. With fillers, in addition to what fillers are, you should know that this is a non-permanent beauty method because they will be eliminated from the body within a certain period of time.

Seek expert advice
Not all cases can use fillers. Although very effective in filling or removing wrinkles, in correcting shape, such as the nose, filler is only performed in cases where there are few defects. In cases where there are many defects or if you want to change completely, filler is not suitable.
Along with that, people with allergies should not apply this method.

Find a reputable, quality facility.
Whether they are invasive or non-invasive, they still have a certain impact on the body. Therefore, it needs to be done carefully, in accordance with technical requirements and to ensure quality.
This means you should go to reputable facilities to get advice, instructions, and procedures from a team of doctors and experts that are both safe for your health and effective in helping you become more beautiful.