Vitamin B1

Active ingredient: Thiamine mononitrate (Vitamin B1) 50mg.

Excipients: Blue patente color, Tapioca starch, Corn starch, Lactose, Magnesium stearate enough for 1 tablet.


Shelf life

36 months


Bottle of 2000 tablets.


Vitamin B1 - Richy

What is Vitamin B1?

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) was the first vitamin discovered in the B group, hence its name.

Vitamin B1 is water-soluble and available in many natural foods such as beans, rice, pork, nutritious cereals, etc. In addition, vitamin B1 is also found in synthetic vitamins or foods. Nutritional supplements.


The uses of vitamin B1 for human health are very large, specifically as follows:

Helps ensure metabolism
Vitamin B1 is necessary in nutrient metabolism to create ATP - the molecule that carries energy for cells. Therefore, this micronutrient helps the body have energy for life activities, eliminates boredom and fatigue, and helps make life more positive. In addition, vitamin B1 is converted to Glucose - an extremely important source of energy for metabolism in the body. Vitamin B1 is also involved in the production of red blood cells, treating genetic metabolic disorders.

Prevent nerve damage
Vitamin B1 deficiency in the body often causes neurological dysfunction such as: poor learning, always in a state of drowsiness, loss of memory, etc. Vitamin B1 also promotes synthesis. The myelin sheath protects the nerves and ensures their most efficient functioning.

Maintaining a healthy immune system
In the human body, the longitudinal muscles of the digestive tract are where the most immune organs are located, vitamin B1 is involved in maintaining and protecting them. Conversely, a healthy digestive system also ensures better absorption of vitamin B1, thereby strengthening the general immune system, protecting the body from pathogens.

Helps heart health
Vitamin B1 is a necessary ingredient to produce Acetylcholine - a special neurotransmitter between the nervous system and muscles, especially the heart muscle. Therefore, vitamin B1 plays a role in maintaining heart function, reducing the risk of heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases.

Improve memory
Vitamin B1 deficiency often causes memory problems such as loss of concentration, forgetfulness, ineffective work, headaches, dizziness, etc. Therefore, to ensure memory functioning of the brain, supplementing enough vitamin B1 is very important. People who regularly work with computers and do jobs that require high concentration also need more vitamin B1.

Improve vision
In the elderly, aging occurs quickly, in which cataracts are a common disease that causes vision loss and the risk of blindness complications. Vitamin B1 deficiency is one of the causes of this disease, so increasing the amount of this micronutrient also helps prevent cataracts effectively.

Helps hair become healthier
Not only does it protect health in general, vitamin B1 is also a great nutrient that nourishes hair from the inside, helping women have healthy, beautiful, smooth hair. Therefore, for patients with hair loss, dry hair, etc., this vitamin can be used in combination with some other medications to stimulate hair growth and keep hair strong and healthy.

How to use
Adults and children over 10 years old: Take 1 pill each time, 2 times a day. Can use a higher dose, take 2 - 3 times a day, 2 - 3 pills each time.

This product is not a medicine and is not intended to replace medicine. Be careful when using for people with a history of allergy to Vitamin B1. Sensitive to one of the ingredients of the drug. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should consult a doctor before use.


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