Tips To Take Care Of Your Mental Health During Tet To Make The First Day Of Spring More Complete

Tips To Take Care Of Your Mental Health During Tet To Make The First Day Of Spring More Complete

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1. Signs Of A Person With Good Mental Health

Mental health is defined by WHO as a state in which people have the ability to be aware of themselves, cope with normal stresses to work effectively and efficiently. bring benefits to the community. For human emotional life, this is a very important factor.

When you have good mental health, you always achieve a healthy mental state. Think positively, know how to control both emotions and behavior. That's why, when faced with difficulties and challenges, people with good mental health always have a strong will to find a way to overcome them. People with good mental health often have the following characteristics:

- Excitement before the start of a new day.
- Excited about a new job or task.
- Be confident about your appearance in all situations.
- Smile and be friendly with people around you.
- Have positive thinking, look at the good side in negative situations.
- Sleep well, eat well, quickly get rid of psychological depression.
- Have a strong will to face and overcome difficulties. 

2. How To Take Care Of Your Mental Health During Tet

2.1. The Importance Of Taking Care Of Mental Health During Tet

Nowadays, many people only pay attention to taking care of their physical health but forget the habit of taking care of their mental health. This is also the cause of psychological disorders that directly affect the quality of life of each individual as well as the community. Taking care of your mental health during Tet is very important because it helps you have a comfortable psychological state, celebrate Tet happily and improve your life. Taking good care of your mental health means you are creating joy for your own soul, giving yourself the strength to feel steadfast in the face of difficulties, better control your psychology and always face challenges scene. 

2.2. How To Take Care Of Mental Health During Tet

2.2.1. Aim For The Positive

Most people have a state of self-talk every day. This automatic mechanism is available in the brain but we often do not know about its existence. Therefore, how each person thinks about themselves strongly impacts the feelings they have. If you have positive perceptions about yourself and life, you will have happier, more joyful experiences.

2.2.2. Focus On Pleasant Moments

Doing this will help you forget negative emotions, experiences or difficulties you are facing. To take care of your mental health during Tet in a positive way, you should focus on the feelings from daily activities such as beautifying the house, having fun with children, the warm atmosphere of spring,... You should Let your body listen to sounds, experience flavors, etc. This is the secret to increasing your concentration and achieving a comfortable mental state. 

2.2.3. Enjoy A Delicious Meal

Nutrients in food have the ability to balance and relieve stress. If the body is provided with a moderate amount of carbohydrates (in starch, sugar, fiber), the activity of the hormone serotonin will be stimulated and as a result, you will feel calm and relaxed. Therefore, the way to take care of your mental health during Tet is very simple: give yourself a delicious meal with your favorite food, next to the person you love. That meal will help your body produce the hormones norepinephrine, serotonin, tyrosine and dopamine so you can have a relaxed mental state during Tet.

In addition, fruits and vegetables are a source of energy for the body's cells and affect psychological adjustment. Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids found in grains, seeds and fish also release the hormone dopamine and increase fluidity in brain cell membranes, thereby helping you feel a clear sense of happiness. This is also the reason why you should not forget delicious meals in the process of taking care of the mental health of yourself and your loved ones.

2.2.4. Maintain A Good Lifestyle

The golden key to fighting mental disorders is a healthy lifestyle. Specifically, the way for you to take care of your mental health during Tet by maintaining a good lifestyle is:

- Have a balanced and nutritious diet with a variety of foods such as fish rich in nutrients. fats, whole grains, fresh fruits, green vegetables, etc. You should cook at home, limit fried foods, sweets, fast foods, etc. to prevent digestive disorders.
- Exercise moderately and moderately to stabilize your mood and balance your emotions. You should try to maintain a minimum of 5 sessions/week.
- Arrange time for yourself to rest, relax, get enough sleep and on time so your body can recover energy.

Basically, to have perfect mental health during Tet, the best way is to control your work well and create joy at work. By doing so, you will easily have a cheerful and happy mentality.

Hopefully the above tips will help you know how to best take care of your mental health during Tet for yourself and your family to have perfect spring days. If you unfortunately encounter mental health problems during this time, do not hesitate to see a doctor or psychologist to share, listen and get appropriate advice to relieve your mind and have a better life. mentally healthy.