Tips To "Let Go" Of Stress During Tet To Have A Happy Tet

Tips To "Let Go" Of Stress During Tet To Have A Happy Tet

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1. Why Are Many People Easily Stressed During Tet?

1.1. Too Much Work

Cleaning and decorating the house beautifully to celebrate Tet is a habit of many people during the last days of the year. This comes from the psychology of wanting the house to be neat and spacious, but it also creates pressure for the cleaner. Not only that, preparing the Tet tray also takes a lot of time and effort. All of these factors create physical fatigue which in turn leads to mental stress.

1.2. Pressure From Having To Spend A Lot

Also comes from the mentality of taking care of Tet, so many people have to face a series of economic pressures from spending, shopping, etc. Consequences arising from this It is prolonged stress that makes many people tired.

1.3. Too Close Or Too Lonely

Tet is an opportunity for reunion, so people get closer together, but this can easily become a cause for Tet stress. When living too close together and interacting a lot with each other, it is difficult for family members to avoid conflicts about each other's behavior, lifestyle or sayings. Unintentionally, that conflict creates quarrels and tension.
In addition, for many people, excessive closeness during Tet through calling to visit, congratulate, etc. relatives is also a type of mental pressure. When there is no need to do it but still have to do it, they will create a psychological state of stress and discomfort.
The opposite of the feeling of closeness is loneliness that occurs in people who live far away from home, do not have the conditions to be close to relatives, etc. In this case, it is easy to feel lonely in the gathering atmosphere of other families. This is also a form of psychological stress that is easy to encounter when Tet comes.

1.4. Constant Partying

The presence of constant wishes and feasts is also the "culprit" that causes tension during Tet. These parties cause many people's schedules to be disrupted and healthy daily habits to be broken. Just like that, the cycle of going from one banquet table to another causes both physical and mental fatigue.

2. How To Avoid Stress During Tet?

2.1. Relax And Spend Time For Yourself

It is not by chance that the notion that Tet is for rest appeared. Having a true rest time by rewarding yourself with a favorite movie, a delicious meal, a good book, etc. is an extremely effective solution to repel Tet stress.
To reward yourself, you can also make a cup of chamomile tea and sit and sip and enjoy. The flavor of this tea can relieve anxiety and help you achieve a comfortable psychological state.

2.2. Don't Forget To Exercise

Exercise is also a very effective way to prevent stress during Tet. For different reasons, during Tet, many people put aside their exercise and sports habits and accept to "let their bodies go temporarily". Faced with the "mess" of time and activities that occur during Tet, that "looseness" of movement unintentionally becomes a trigger for stress.
Many studies have shown that participating in physical activities significantly improves mood. Although Tet is quite busy, you should not forget to exercise. Maintaining this habit will help you control your psychology very well and not have to worry about the stress and fatigue that will come in the early days of spring.

2.3. Accept Reality And Differences

Every year's Tet has certain differences, so if you feel stressed because of something beyond your control, try to find a way to accept it as inevitable. 
Even if family members don't meet your expectations, put your feelings of resentment aside to avoid pressure and choose a more appropriate time to discuss what's bothering you. . Sometimes other people themselves may be stressed during Tet, so sympathizing with them is also a way for you to put less pressure on yourself.

2.4. Make A To-Do List

Writing a to-do list before and during Tet is a way to help you organize your work effectively, reasonably and save time. Doing this also helps you see what you need to do for yourself to have a good plan to take care of yourself during Tet, so you can avoid feeling stressed.
Tet is an opportunity to connect with love, but it is also a time that makes it difficult for many people to take time for themselves. When you don't get to rest or do the things you like, stress during Tet is difficult to avoid.
To have a state of physical and mental balance these days, you should wake up earlier to practice yoga, meditate, go to the gym, listen to music, etc. Or you can also refuse some meetings. Meeting to have more time to rest, sleep,... for the body to recover.

If you have taken the above measures to prevent Tet stress and still often feel sad, tired, stressed, etc., you should see a psychologist for help to avoid depression. Severe mental health decline leading to anxiety disorders or depression.