Telangiectasia: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Methods

Telangiectasia: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Methods

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1. What Causes Telangiectasia?

Telangiectasia occurs when the blood vessels just below the skin's epidermis become enlarged and raised, characterized by a purple, blue, or red color. They appear in the form of small blood vessels that look quite similar to a spider web. Normally, telangiectasias will be most clearly identified in thin skin areas on the body such as the cheeks, temples, nose and legs, etc.
Telangiectasias are also known by many other names as veins. blood, varicose veins, varicose veins, dilated blood vessels under the skin, raised blood vessels,...

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Varicose veins often appear on facial skin.

The cause of telangiectasia can be due to:
* Skin properties and Blood vessels: poor blood circulation, poor skin elasticity, damaged skin due to many factors, skin aging,...;
* Due to weather changes: sudden weather changes can also affect blood circulation in the body, at this time the capillaries under the skin will appear more clearly;
* Frequent direct exposure to sunlight: ultraviolet rays in sunlight can cause blood vessels to swell and become more visible on the skin. Besides, the skin contains ingredients such as elastin and collagen that help the skin have elasticity and connectivity. When sunlight shines directly on the skin, it will damage the connective tissue between tissues and reduce elasticity. , aggravates the condition of telangiectasia;
* Due to genetics: if a family member has had telangiectasia, the possibility of the next generation also having this condition is very high;
* Hormonal disorders: common in women, especially during pregnancy, postpartum, premenopause, hormone disorders also cause blood vessels under the skin to be affected, causing telangiectasia;
* Rosacea: this is a blushing syndrome, often causing capillaries to dilate and the skin to become red;
* Alcohol and stimulant abuse: chemicals contained in alcohol and stimulants can dilate blood capillaries in a short time. If you drink alcohol regularly, your facial skin will become increasingly red and blood vessels dilated;
* Environmental pollution or exposure to toxic chemicals also seriously affects the skin, including telangiectasia;
* Using many products containing corticosteroid ingredients: usually beauty and skin whitening cosmetics of unknown origin, containing a lot of corticosteroids, leading to side effects such as skin atrophy, skin erosion, causing the skin to become thinner and thinner. exposes blood vessels under the skin.

2. Does Telangiectasia Have Any Effects?

Varicose veins in the legs are rarely detected in time because they are hidden by clothing. If it is only mild, the disease does not cause negative effects on health. However, in severe cases of telangiectasia, it can lead to capillaritis in the legs, leg edema, venous thrombosis, and more seriously broken capillaries.
If the patient has telangiectasia in the facial area, although it does not cause any health concerns, it will cause the face to lack aesthetics and you will feel much less confident.

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Dilated capillaries in the legs

3. Some Methods To Help Treat Telangiectasia

The following are measures that help improve and restore skin areas with telangiectasia:

* Topical Retinoids: besides their uses To treat acne, retinoids are also prescribed by dermatologists for people with telangiectasias thanks to their properties that help fade capillary marks on the skin. However, the drug can also leave some side effects such as skin irritation, itching, redness and dry skin after application;
* Laser therapy: this method will use light to destroy the veins that are emerging on the skin. However, this therapy will make your skin more sensitive;
* Sclerotherapy: the doctor will inject into the varicose veins a drug solution that causes sclerotherapy, thanks to which these veins will gradually disappear after a short time. There are some cases where patients using this method will feel pain but the side effects will disappear within a few days;
* Light laser technology: is a method of treating telangiectasia by shining a special type of light that penetrates into the skin layers without causing damage to the top layer of skin. Compared to the laser method mentioned above, this method gives better results thanks to more modern technology.

4. Methods To Help Prevent Telangiectasia

Although there are many methods to help prevent telangiectasia, each person should also apply ways to help prevent the risk of this condition:

* You should not use water that is too hot to wash your face: facial skin is often quite sensitive, so if you use water that is too hot to wash your face, it will easily cause broken capillaries, leading to telangiectasia. Therefore, you should use cool or warm water to wash your face, bathe and do laundry to help your skin stay safe and maintain elasticity;
* Limit direct, frequent exposure to sunlight. If you have to go outdoors in hot weather, you should: Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going outside, you should use one with an SPF index of over 30+;
* Remember to cover up carefully with a mineral coat, hat, and sunglasses to avoid UV rays shining directly on your skin;
* Do not be exposed to sunlight between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
* Do not abuse skin care and whitening products containing corticosteroids or products of unknown origin.

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Severe telangiectasia requires medical intervention.

Especially if you need to examine and treat telangiectasia, choose a reputable address with many experienced and specialized doctors. high subject.