Syrub Treating Cough

Salted Apricot 10g
Bach Bo 5g
Mon Mon 5g
Tran Bi 1.7g
Cat wing 1.2g
Licorice 1.1g
Peppermint essential oil 0.02g
Additives Ingredients: Water enough to make 100ml, sugar, preservatives: Sodium benzoate E211, nipazil, nipasol.

Shelf life 
36 months

Bottle of 125ml


Syrub Treating Cough - 99Lung

"Syrub Treating Cough 99Lung - Effective Support for the Respiratory System"

Welcome to the modern and complete range of Syrub Treating Cough 99Lung - a solid step forward in exceptional health care for your respiratory system. We are proud to introduce to you a carefully developed product that comprehensively cares for your family's health.


The multi-dimensional uses of Syrub Treating Cough 99Lung are not limited to lung tonic, but also extend to supporting cough relief in many different situations, bringing comfort and lightness to your respiratory system.

* Reducing Wind Cough, Dry Cough
Syrub Treating Cough 99Lung is the perfect choice to reduce symptoms of wind cough and dry cough. Uniquely combined natural ingredients help soothe the throat and reduce feelings of irritation.

* Helps Deal with Colds and Sore Throats
When colds set in, they increase the risk of coughs and sore throats. Syrub Treating Cough 99Lung not only supports the immune system but also helps relieve coughs due to colds and sore throats naturally.

* Effectively Deal with Cough due to Bronchitis
Bronchitis is often accompanied by symptoms such as dry cough and discomfort. Syrub Treating Cough 99Lung is specially formulated to have a gentle effect to help relieve coughs and soothe discomfort.

Dosage and Usage
Children 2 years old: Take 3 times a day, 5ml each time.
Adults: Take 3 times a day, 15ml each time.
Children under 24 months of age should use as directed by a doctor.

Target Users
For people who are facing respiratory system problems such as cough, dry cough, cough due to colds, sore throat, bronchitis.

Important Note
Syrub Treating Cough 99Lung is not a medicine and does not replace medicine.
Do not use for people who are sensitive to any ingredient of the product.

Choose Syrub Treating Cough 99Lung to enjoy gentleness and effectiveness in taking care of the respiratory system for you and your family!


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