StomHac Curcumin Nano

Honey 2000mg
Aluminum 550mg
Turmeric 2000mg
Tea shred 1000mg
Amethyst 500mg
Black turmeric 500mg
Licorice 300mg
Coptis chinensis 200mg
Angelica sinensis 200mg,....

Shelf Life

36 months.


Box of 20 bags x 10 ml.


StomHac Curcumin Nano - STOMHAC

Are you having stomach problems? Feelings of bloating, indigestion, and pain when eating can be symptoms of stomach ulcers or cholera. Don't worry, we have a solution for you.

That is StomHac Curcumin Nano, a unique product extracted from the best natural ingredients, helping to protect the stomach's blood vessels, reducing the risk of stomach ulcers. and cholera, while also helping to reduce gastric acid.

StomHac Curcumin Nano is made from high quality natural ingredients such as honey and turmeric. In particular, Curcumin Nano technology has been applied to enhance the product's absorption ability. Thanks to that, the valuable nutrients of honey and turmeric are released and penetrate deeply into the body's cells, helping to protect and care for your stomach's vascular area.


The benefits of StomHac Curcumin Nano not only stops at helping to reduce gastric acidity, but also protects the gastric mucosa from harmful agents from food and the environment. surrounding school.
At the same time, the product also helps reduce the risk of stomach ulcers and cholera, thereby helping you reduce pain and discomfort when eating.

StomHac Curcumin Nano is a product that supports quality and effective stomach immune protection, is made from natural ingredients and is proven to be safe. With a unique formula and combination of health-beneficial ingredients such as honey, turmeric, and curcumin, StomHac Curcumin Nano brings outstanding health benefits to your immune and digestive system.

If you are looking for a natural stomach immune protection product, try StomHac Curcumin Nano and experience the difference in your health. Order today to start your health journey with this quality and reliable product.


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