Signs Of Male Sex Addiction And How To Treat It

Signs Of Male Sex Addiction And How To Treat It

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1. What Is Sex Addiction In Men?

Sex is a very normal human need, but sex addiction is a disease that significantly affects both physical and mental health. This can be understood as the phenomenon of men becoming dependent on sex and losing the ability to control their sexual behavior.
Some studies suggest that sex addiction is similar to alcohol or drug addiction, but others have concluded that sex addiction is a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder, a sexual compulsion.
We need to clearly distinguish sex addiction from sexual disorders such as pedophilia or other perverted behaviors. Sex addiction will include behaviors such as having sex with many people at the same time, masturbating with high frequency, and regularly accessing movies and pornography.

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Accessing pornography with high frequency can also make men addicted to sex.

Once addicted to sex, it is very difficult for men to control this problem. It has a negative impact not only on health but also on surrounding social relationships.

2. Symptoms Of Sex Addiction

Most people with sex addiction syndrome want to hide this hidden corner, always keeping it a secret, even from loved ones. They even act spontaneously and try to perform sexual acts in private places, without anyone finding out. Even though it is hidden very carefully, it is still possible to recognize the signs of a person with sex addiction:

* Often having delusional and obsessive thoughts about sex;
* Or lie to cover up your sexual thoughts and behavior;
* Likes one-night stands, sexual partners, and has sex with many people at the same time, even with strangers they just met for the first time;
* Unable to prevent and control one's sexual behavior;
* After each sexual encounter, they tend to feel regret or guilt but still keep thinking about sex;

Because you are obsessed with sex all day, it can affect your quality of life as well as your work productivity. It should be noted that sex addiction is completely different from enjoying sexual activities. Because sex is inherently a natural human instinct. Therefore, it is very normal for you to happily enjoy the activities that take place during sex.

3. What Harmful Effects Can Sex Addiction Cause?

People who are addicted to sex at first often only like activities such as reading stories, movies, pictures, and visiting pornographic websites with increasing frequency. Along with this situation is the act of masturbation in many different forms to satisfy physiological needs due to the stimulation brought about by movies. When you do this continuously, your health will quickly decline.
In addition, staying up late to read and watch depraved cultural products can also cause men to suffer from chronic insomnia. Until movie products are no longer enough to stimulate them, they will turn to online sex chat and look for people to have sex with through dating applications. There are people who will turn to prostitutes to satisfy their sexual needs.

What Is the Root Cause of Sexual Addictions in Men?

Sex addiction has a serious impact on the patient's physiology.

Once obsessed with sex, they will fall into consequences such as:
* Consequences related to sex life: addiction watching porn, excessive masturbation, sexual violence, homosexual infidelity, adultery, deviant sexual behavior (sexual harassment, genital exhibitionism, voyeurism,...),
* Health consequences: having sex regardless of who the person is and ignoring safety measures, leading to contracting social diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis, genital warts, HIV infection /AIDS,...;
* Consequences in terms of morality and social relationships: moral decline, loss of personal reputation causing many scandals, deadlocked mood, people gradually lose respect, adultery destroys happiness family,...

4. What Methods Can Sex Addiction Be Treated With?

Similar to other addictive behaviors, sex addiction treatment will include the following methods:
* Psychotherapy: helps analyze so patients can distinguish between healthy and negative sexual behaviors. This activity will include psychodynamic therapy, helping patients become self-aware of their thoughts about sexuality, from which patients can re-establish their lifestyle and resolve conflicts. Conflict with people around;
* 12-step treatment program: This program is called "Sex Addicts Anonymous", a model similar to "Alcoholics Anonymous" and is very helpful for those who are suffering from sex addiction. Program participants do not necessarily have to give up sex completely but will be encouraged to refrain from unhealthy sexual behaviors;
* Using medication: Currently, there are medications such as stress relievers, antidepressants, and drugs that stimulate the production of progesterone and serotonin to help sex addict patients effectively control sexual desire. But these drugs have many potentially dangerous side effects, so they need to be used under the supervision of a specialist, in combination with other treatments to achieve maximum treatment effectiveness. the best.

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Men who are addicted to sex also affect their surrounding relationships.

It can be said that sexual activity is not a bad thing, but if you are addicted to sex, it can lead to many consequences for your health and relationships. surrounding system. If treated promptly and properly, sex addicts will return to normal life.