Rutin - C

Ingredients of Rutin-C Daily Flow Pills
Rutin: 300mg
Gotu kola extract: 300mg
Artichoke extract: 300mg
Centella Asiatica extract: 300mg
Fish mint extract: 300mg
Vitamin C: 100mg
Vitamin PP: 30mg
Vitamin B2: 12mcg
Ingredients: Gelatin, glycerine, Sorbitol, nipagin, nipazol, ethyl vanillin, purified water... just enough for 1 tablet.

Shelf life

36 months.


Box of 3 blisters x 10 soft capsules.


Rutin - C - Dailyflow

What is Rutin C?

Rutin - C is a medicine that helps supplement vitamin C and antioxidants to support vascular wall strength and reduce vascular permeability. In addition, the drug is also used to treat other symptoms such as hives, hypertension, nosebleeds and varicose veins. Besides, rutin C also helps to strengthen blood vessel walls.



1. What effects does Rutin - C have?

Rutin - C medicine has the main active ingredients Rutin and Vitamin C and carries with it the effects of the above two active ingredients. Rutin will help support the body's synthesis of vitamin C. Furthermore, its active ability also helps prevent oxidation, preventing the development of free radicals. From there, it also helps significantly limit the risk of causing high blood pressure.
Besides, Rutin also has the effect of regenerating damaged blood vessels to help prevent the risk of stroke. At the same time, with the ability to enhance the ability of blood capillaries to withstand pressure, it also helps reduce the rate of capillary rupture as well as bleeding.
Vitamin C is a mineral that has many effects such as synthesizing collagen as well as some components in vascular organs, participating in the process of supplementing iron to the body, participating in the metabolism of lipids, glucid or proteins in the body.

2. Uses of Rutin-C Daily Flow pills
Rutin-C Daily Flow pills help cool the liver, clear bile, diuretic, enhance liver function in the following cases: impaired liver function, hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver enzymes high blood pressure, fatty liver, drinking a lot of alcohol and tobacco.
Meets daily vitamin C needs.

3. How to use Rutin-C
Children: Take 1 pill/time x 1 - 2 times/day.
Adults: Take 1 pill/time x 2 - 3 times/day.

4. Rutin-C Daily Flow detoxifying pills are used in the following cases
Adults and children, people with internal heat, liver dysfunction causing fatigue, loss of appetite, jaundice, protection and Restore liver function due to excessive use of alcohol, tobacco, chemicals, people with hepatitis, cirrhosis, high liver enzymes, fatty liver.
People are weak, tired, anorexic, and malnourished.


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