Pregnancy With Twins And Notes For Mothers

Pregnancy With Twins And Notes For Mothers

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1. What Is The Twin Phenomenon?

Twins, also known as twins, are a case in which two children are born in one mother's birth. This is a special phenomenon of fertilization and birth. According to the natural mechanism, in each woman's menstrual cycle, only one egg is released and fertilized by one sperm, which then develops into an embryo, grows in the mother's womb, and has only one child. baby will be born.
However, in some cases, fertilization will have abnormalities, creating the phenomenon of fraternal or identical twins.

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Twins are a special phenomenon in pregnancy and childbirth.

Fraternal twins
Occur when two eggs are released during the mother's cycle and each egg is fertilized by one sperm from the father. From here, two embryos will be created and these two embryos will develop simultaneously in the mother's uterus, then two babies will be born in one birth.
In this case, almost two babies will have big differences in all aspects such as personality, gender and body shape.

Identical twins
Occur when during fertilization, there is still only one egg and one sperm, but when they divide, they separate into two zygotes. These two zygotes are completely independent and develop into two fetuses.
In this case, when two babies are born, there will be similarities in many characteristics, not only gender but also body shape or personality.

2. What Causes Can Lead To The Phenomenon Of Twins?

Scientists have identified a few possible causes leading to this phenomenon, which are:

Related to folic acid
Folic acid, also known as Vitamin B9, is considered an ingredient with a great impact and role. Leading to twin pregnancy. Because it has a good effect in protecting the baby's health and avoiding neural tube defects, many pregnant mothers often use this vitamin.
Not only that, they are also present in some commonly used foods, such as beef or fruits, fermented foods, etc. Australian scientists have shown research results that in 176 mothers If pregnant women use this acid regularly every day, there is a chance that one person will become pregnant with twins.

This method has brought great hope and happiness to many infertile couples. Fertilization is performed in the laboratory and then the new embryo is placed in the ovary. To ensure certainty and increase the mother's chances, the doctor will put more than one embryo into the uterus. Therefore, when using this method, the phenomenon of twins is not rare.

Pregnancy at an advanced age
In the case of newly pregnant women over 35 years old, more than one egg will be released at the same time in one cycle. This leads to multiple pregnancies and births. Along with that, people who have given birth to a maximum of 5 children are also cases where the possibility of having twins is higher than other people.

Ethnic factors
The results of some studies have shown that Africans have a higher chance of having an identical pregnancy than Asians. In some ethnic minorities, this rate is also higher.

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Ethnicity can affect the rate of twin pregnancies

3. How Is This Phenomenon Recognized?

When pregnant with twins, the mother's body may show some special signs such as:

* Some symptoms of pregnancy become clearer: heart beats faster, nausea, fatigue, irritability, frequent urination. more.
* Weight gain becomes very rapid in a short period of time.
* Compared to the age of the fetus, the uterus is larger.
* Compared to normal people, HcG concentrations in blood and urine are twice as high.

However, these are just suspicious signs. To be sure, you need to go to the doctor and get tested. This can be detected during the first trimester ultrasound.

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Twin pregnancy can be very difficult for the mother.

4. What Should Parents Pay Attention To When Pregnant With Twins?

Pregnancy is inherently a special time, which can cause a lot of pressure and anxiety for the mother, and twin pregnancy increases this many times over. However, in most cases, childbirth is smooth and safe. It is important for mothers to note:

Regarding rest and diet
Do it scientifically, rest a lot and always stay mentally and physically comfortable. In particular, focus on drinking enough 2-2.5 liters of water/day, including filtered water, soup, and juice. This not only helps increase the amount of amniotic fluid but also avoids the risk of disease.

Regularly go for check-ups to receive guidance from your doctor
In addition to common risks during pregnancy, mothers pregnant with twins from the same placenta are also threatened by twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. This is a phenomenon in which one fetus is supplied with more blood than the other, leading to uneven development and even death.
Along with that, there are also cases where one of the two fetuses has a genetic disorder that needs to be monitored and evaluated for appropriate treatment. In addition, premature birth, miscarriage, preeclampsia or gestational diabetes, etc. are some of the higher risks in women carrying twins.

Keep a happy, optimistic and worry-free spirit
For those pregnant with twins, cesarean section is often used to ensure safety and minimize risks or threats to both mother and child. Along with that, most are born early and the newborn may have a lighter weight than single-born babies.

These are predictable things so you don't need to worry, just rest and keep a happy spirit.

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Mothers pregnant with twins need to be closely monitored by a doctor