Mouthwash - Why So White

Ingredients of Mouthwash - Why So White
Extracted from hypertonic salt water, rich in minerals and trace elements such as Ca++, Na+, Cu++, Zn++.
Additional ingredients: Peppermint essential oil, powerful herbal essential oils of eucalyptus, thyme, cinnamon essential oil combined with propolis, Nano Silver and hydrogen peroxide. Coloring agent used in food.

Shelf life

2 years.


Bottle of 300ml.


Mouthwash - Why So White - Why so white

What is Mouthwash - Why So White?

Mouthwash - Why So White is an exclusive formula developed based partly on research results on the activity of Hydrogen Peroxide in killing bacteria and promoting the phagocytic ability of Macophases cells.

This is a specialized product that combines Hydrogen Peroxide with Propolis, Nano Silver along with natural herbal essential oils: Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Thyme and Cinnamon essential oils mixed in the solution. Hypertonicity of pure sea water creates a product with a synergistic effect that brings benefits to help treat oral diseases such as pharyngitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis; Preventing otitis media and upper respiratory tract infections, stuffy nose; Helps remove food residue, mucus, bacterial remains or damaged tissue, plaque around teeth and gums and protects tooth enamel, supporting effective treatment of gingivitis, gingivitis or tooth decay. reduces yellow teeth caused by smoking...

Why So White supports teeth whitening to help you have bright white teeth, strong, healthy and confident. Using Why So White helps eliminate odors, creates fresh, pleasant and refreshing breath, clears the upper respiratory tract, and makes breathing easier.



Main uses of Why So White
* Helps prevent and alleviate infections of the pharynx, throat, gums and tooth decay effectively.
* Supports cleaning of plaque around teeth and gums, protects tooth enamel, removes yellow and dull stains on teeth, helping you have bright, white teeth that are strong, healthy and confident.
* Helps remove food residue, mucus, bacterial remains or damaged tissue, supports the treatment of gingivitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, helps clear the upper respiratory tract and prevents otitis media.
* Moisturizes the oral cavity, prevents and eliminates odors, protects the oral cavity from infection for 12 hours.
* Creates fresh, pleasant, refreshing breath, clears the upper respiratory tract, makes it easy to breathe, alcohol-free formula, not spicy,...

Instructions for using Why So White
Using mouthwash daily to help clean teeth is a habit of many people. However, you still need to clearly understand how to use Why So White mouthwash as follows:
* Use to rinse your mouth 2-5 times/day after eating. Take 20-30 ml undiluted each time. Suck for 30 seconds then spit.
* Do not dilute mouthwash because the manufacturer has calculated the exact concentration to be used immediately after opening.
* Appropriate mouthwash time: about 30 seconds to 45 seconds, tilt your neck, gargle deeply into the pharynx and rinse evenly throughout the oral cavity. Too little time will not kill bacteria. If you rinse your mouth for too long, it may affect the gums, mucous membranes or other beneficial bacteria.
* Do not swallow mouthwash because there are medical conditions. Users are allergic to a certain substance in mouthwash without knowing it. Therefore, before use, you need to clearly see their ingredients and effects.


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