Is Urine Test With Baking Soda Accurate?

Is Urine Test With Baking Soda Accurate?

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1. Can A Urine Test With Baking Soda Detect Early Pregnancy?

The main ingredient in Baking Soda (or salt medicine) is Sodium Hydrocarbonate. This is a white, smooth and salty powder. This powder will easily melt when added to water. If exposed to acid, powerful CO2 bubbles can be created.

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Urine test with Baking Soda is very easy to do.

Pregnant mothers' urine contains a certain amount of acid, so many people test for pregnancy by testing the reaction of urine with Baking Soda. This is a pregnancy test method used by many Indian women. According to the experience of many women, this method can even determine the sex of the fetus.

How to perform a urine test with Baking Soda is simple as follows:
* Step 1: Prepare an amount of urine in a small cup and make sure it is clean. Then, add 1 to 2 teaspoons of Baking Soda into this urine cup.
* Step 2: Wait for about 1 minute.
* Step 3: Carefully observe the urine cup. If there is white foam around the rim of the cup, it means you are pregnant.

2. What Should You Pay Attention To When Testing Urine With Baking Soda?

When testing urine with Baking Soda, you need to pay attention to the following issues:
* Should be done in the morning, right after breakfast. The reason is because in the early morning, women's stomach is empty, at this time the pH and HCG concentration in urine may be higher than at other times of the day. Therefore, if you take a pregnancy test at this time, the accuracy may be higher.

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Make sure Baking Soda powder is of good quality

* Before taking a pregnancy test, wash your hands thoroughly.
* The urine cup needs to be clean to avoid impurities that will greatly affect the test results.
* The amount of urine and the amount of Baking Soda powder must be nearly the same, there should not be a large difference to ensure enough conditions for a reaction to occur.
* The quality of Baking Soda powder also needs to be guaranteed. You should use new powder and make sure it is still within its expiration date. Avoid using old flour that has been stored in the refrigerator for a while.

3. Some Other Pregnancy Testing Methods Based On Folk Experience

In addition to the urine test method with Baking Soda, some other pregnancy testing methods based on folk experience are also applied by women. Specifically as follows: 

Sugar pregnancy test: How to do it is also very simple. You just need to put sugar in the urine cup. Then wait for a few minutes. If the sugar particles do not dissolve in urine but remain intact, it is likely that you are pregnant. On the contrary, if urine dissolves in sugar, it means the pregnant mother is not pregnant.

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Many women use dandelion leaves to test for pregnancy.

Pregnancy test with dandelion leaves: First of all, you need to choose fresh dandelion leaves that grow in a shaded place, not exposed to direct sunlight. Then, put dandelion leaves in the urine cup and wait for about 10 minutes. If dandelion leaves turn red, you may be pregnant. This is also an easy method to do.

Test with toothpaste: You should do the test in the morning because this is the time when HCG concentration in urine increases the highest. The method is also very simple as follows:
* First, women collect urine and store it in a clean cup, making sure there are no impurities.
* Then add a little toothpaste to the urine and wait for a few minutes.
* If the mixture of urine and toothpaste turns blue, it means you are pregnant. On the contrary, if the urine does not change color, it means you are not pregnant.
* To ensure the highest accuracy, you should choose to use white toothpaste. On the contrary, the test should not be performed with colored or gel toothpastes to avoid skewing the results.
* The time to apply this method is 2 weeks or 1 month after sex. Or you can try it after your period is 4 to 5 days late.

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Use white toothpaste to test for pregnancy

Pregnancy test with soap: This method is also very simple. Just put the urine in the cup, then put the soap solution in the urine cup and wait a few minutes. If this mixture foams, it means the mother is pregnant.

Pregnancy test with vinegar: Women do this by adding vinegar to their urine. If discoloration occurs, the woman may be pregnant.

Pregnancy test with Pine Sol: This is a cleaning solution for household items. Its main ingredient is turpentine oil. How to test for pregnancy with Pine Sol is as follows:
* Prepare a small cup and put urine in the cup.
* Then, add a few drops of pine sol to the urine.
* Wait about 5-10 minutes. If the solution in the cup changes color, it is likely that you are pregnant.

Pregnancy test with mustard powder: Should be used when menstruation is delayed for many days. Here's how to do it:
* Before bathing, add about 2 cups of mustard to the bath water.
* Then, soak in this mixture for about 20 minutes. At this time, mustard will make your body hot.
* After taking this measure about 4 to 5 days, the mother has her period, which means she is not pregnant. On the contrary, if menstruation does not occur, it is likely that the woman is pregnant.

Above is reference information about urine testing with Baking Soda and some other pregnancy testing methods based on folk experience. However, to know exactly whether you are pregnant or not, you should go to a reputable medical facility for examination and testing.