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Shelf life

24 months


Bottle of 350 ml.


Ion Longevity Water - 99Year

99Year Ion Longevity - Perfect Harmony of Ion-Enriched Hydration

Discover a new lease on life with 99Year Ion Longevity, a specially crafted ion-enriched beverage designed to bring daily balance and nutrition to your body. With the perfect blend of water, ions, vitamins, and essential minerals, this is the ideal choice for your daily health.

Most of the human body is water. By balancing fluid intake (i.e. drinking) and fluid output (e.g. urine production, sweating), the human body has well-established mechanisms to maintain water levels. suitable for the body. However, there are many cases where the water level in the body is lower than the ideal level. This occurs when fluid intake is less than fluid output, resulting in a physiological state described as dehydration. Staying hydrated is important for a healthy lifestyle because it helps your body function, improves sleep quality, and keeps your skin healthy.

99Year Ion Longevity is a healthy drink that contains a balance of ions (electrolytes) similar to the natural fluid balance in the human body. Quickly and easily replenishes the water and ions your body needs, while soothing every part of you. This healthy drink allows you to easily replenish fluids and ions lost during sweating.


Add abundant energy to the body. Ion supplementation helps replenish the amount of water needed to maintain vitality.

99Year Ion Longevity water is used to drink directly, it tastes better when drinking cold.

1. Daily Nutrition and Body Hydration
99Year Ion Longevity is more than just a beverage; it's a source of daily nutrition and essential moisture. Support your body in maintaining optimal balance.

2. Supplements Daily Water, Ions, Vitamins, and Essential Minerals
With a unique combination of water, ions, vitamins, and essential minerals, this product provides a diverse range of nutrients to meet your body's daily needs.

3. Convenient Volume
With a convenient 350ml volume, 99Year Ion Longevity is perfect to take anywhere - from your workplace to the gym, helping you maintain nutritional balance anytime, anywhere.

The Harmony of Ion and Nutrition
99Year Ion Longevity is the sophisticated fusion of ions and nutrients, creating a product that is not only a beverage but also an energy and health source evenly distributed for your body.

Smart Drink Choice for Modern Living:
1. Diverse Nutrition
With a variety of nutrients, from ions to vitamins and minerals, 99Year Ion Longevity ensures you receive everything your body needs daily.

2. Convenient and Portable
The convenient volume makes it easy to carry. You can enjoy health on the go, wherever you are.

3. Great Taste
With a subtle and fresh flavor, 99Year Ion Longevity is not just a supplement but also an enjoyable taste experience.

Everyday Health Care with 99Year Ion Longevity
Experience life full of energy with 99Year Ion Longevity - a complete nutritional source that balances your body and soul in modern living. Every drop brings health and harmony to your life.


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