HP Gastritis And Warning Symptoms Of The Disease

HP Gastritis And Warning Symptoms Of The Disease

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1. Symptoms Of HP Gastritis

When suffering from HP gastritis, the patient's body may have some of the following symptoms:

- Pain and burning feeling in the upper abdomen, also known as the epigastric area. When the stomach is empty, the pain is more severe and obvious.
- Frequent vomiting or nausea.
- Belching.
- Anorexia.
- Distention.
- Sudden weight loss without clear cause.
- Black stools due to stool mixed with blood from the stomach lining.
- Some serious symptoms that patients need to see a doctor early include difficulty breathing, vomiting blood, unexplained fatigue, and frequent dizziness due to severe pain or excessive blood loss. much, pale skin due to anemia, frequent stomach pain, sometimes dull, sometimes severe. 

2. Is HP Gastritis Contagious?

According to experts, gastritis caused by HP bacteria can be transmitted from sick people to healthy people in the following ways:

- Transmitted through the oral-oral route when:

* Eating and drinking the same food as a sick person, sharing food knives, forks, bowls, and chopsticks for sick people.
* Sharing some personal items such as drinking from the same water cup, brushing teeth with the same toothbrush, etc.
* Young children can also be infected with HP if a sick adult makes a habit of feeding the baby food or kissing him or her. young lips.
* Some other ways of infection include eating raw food, direct contact with patient's feces (in cases where patient's feces are discharged into lakes, etc.), and contact with medical equipment. to patients but is not guaranteed to be sterile.

3. Methods Of Diagnosing And Treating HP Gastritis

3.1. Diagnosis Method

Not all cases of stomach ulcers have HP bacteria. Normally, diagnosis to identify this type of bacteria should only be performed in the following cases:

* Cases of stomach ulcers or a history of stomach ulcers.
* Someone in the family has had stomach cancer.
* In case of long-term use of drugs such as anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin.

Note that in order for the HP bacteria diagnostic test to achieve accurate results, the patient needs to stop taking antibiotics and acid secretion inhibitors.
Diagnostic tests for HP bacteria include:

* Stool test: Stool antigen test, stool PCR test.
* Test HP breath C13.
* Gastric endoscopy.
* In addition, in some cases the patient may also be asked to perform other tests such as stomach X-ray, CT scan, biopsy or blood test,... 

3.2. Treatment Methods For HP Gastritis

Regardless of which treatment method is applied, the main purpose of the treatment process is still to destroy HP bacteria, heal the stomach lining, prevent disease recurrence and the risk of the disease turning into cancer.

- Drug treatment: Antibiotics are often used in disease treatment. Doctors can combine multiple antibiotics to enhance treatment effectiveness. Note, these drugs can cause some side effects such as nausea, stomach pain, affecting taste, etc.

After a period of treatment, the patient needs to be re-examined according to the doctor's instructions. In cases where the bacteria are still present, the patient may need another course of treatment. Patients should be careful not to buy and use drugs themselves to avoid drug resistance, making the treatment process later more difficult.

- Combined with some home treatment methods In addition to following the doctor's instructions, patients also need to adjust their living habits and diet to improve the disease early and prevent the risk of recurrence. broadcast. Here are some tips for you:

* Go to bed early, get 7 to 8 hours of sleep/night.
* Adjust working mode and rest mode appropriately.
* Avoid stress and overwork.
* You should eat foods that contain many beneficial bacteria such as yogurt.
* Do not use drinks containing stimulants.
* Avoid eating hot, spicy foods that contain a lot of fat.

4. How To Prevent HP Gastritis?

To prevent gastritis caused by HP bacteria, you can apply the following methods:

- Implement and maintain the habit of washing hands regularly, especially before preparing food, before eating and after going out. toilet.
- Clean cooking utensils before preparing food. At the same time, you should regularly clean the kitchen.
- You should choose foods with clear origins, buy at reputable and quality stores to ensure food hygiene and safety. Note, do not eat spoiled foods, avoid eating at sidewalk restaurants, etc.
- Make sure to always eat cooked food and drink boiled food.
- Provide the body with adequate nutrition such as vitamins and minerals, drink enough water every day, etc.
- Regularly exercise to improve health, increase resistance, help the body detoxify effectively, prevent many types of diseases.
- The spirit is always happy and comfortable.
- Check digestive health periodically.
- If someone in your family has HP gastritis, you need to apply effective infection prevention measures.

Hopefully with the above information, you have a better understanding of gastritis caused by HP bacteria, especially simple and effective treatment and prevention methods.