How To Restore Skin - HEALIO - Healio Hydrating Cream

How To Restore Skin - HEALIO - Healio Hydrating Cream

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Your skin barrier provides essential defence from free radicals found in harsh environments. Keep it protected with oils, ceramides and more by regularly applying lotions, serums or products containing these components.

Beauty boutique and drug store shelves are packed with products designed to protect and rejuvenate skin health, such as exfoliators, plumpers and moisturizers.

All these products share a characteristic action on your body's outermost layer - the skin barrier.

What are the different layers of my skin, and why are they necessary?

Your skin consists of multiple layers that all serve important roles in protecting the rest of your body.

The outermost layer, the stratum corneum, can often be thought of as a brick wall. Composed of hard skin cells known as corneocytes that are held together with mortar-like lipids to form your skin barrier.

Inside each skin cell, or "brick," or bricklet, are keratin and natural moisturizers, while its lipid layer contains both of these substances: cholesterol, fatty acids and ceramides. They create a thin brick wall between you and harmful environmental toxins and pathogens that could otherwise enter your system and have adverse consequences for you. Without it, some environmental hazards could penetrate through and lead to adverse health impacts in the form of skin issues or illness.

Without your skin barrier, water would quickly escape and evaporate from your body, leaving you completely dehydrated.

Your skin barrier is vitally important to overall health and should be preserved so your body can operate optimally.

What can damage my skin barrier? 

Every day, your skin must defend itself from various external threats as well as internal attacks that could compromise its defences.

External and internal influences that could erode the skin barrier include:

Attractants to allergic responses include allergens, irritants and pollutants; too much sun exposure; alkaline detergents and soaps; exposure to harsh chemicals as well as over-exfoliation or over-washing, steroids or psychological distress (Trust Source).

Genetic factors could make you more prone to skin conditions like atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

Avoid Things That Harm Your Skin

With age comes the diminished ability of our skin to regenerate and repair itself from damage; thus, taking steps to eliminate anything which damages it becomes increasingly essential in maintaining healthy-looking skin.

Some of these may seem obvious, but sometimes a reminder can help...

Smoking and second-hand smoke; excessive sun exposure like sunbathing during the day will take its toll over time; swimming in chlorinated pools; wearing too much makeup (including sleeping with it); picking at your skin - don't! Long hot showers and steam rooms (particularly if hot enough); overuse of salt, waxing frequently enough (increasing its absorption into your system), exfoliation often enough; stress; sugar consumption (often through sugars); dry cleaned clothes with little fabric reinforcement are all potential dangers when combined.

Be wary of using chemicals directly on your skin (i.e. cleaners, grease, etc.).

How to Restore Skin 

Healio Hydrating Cream helps soothe irritation & restore skin with new microbiological technology, working to moisturize damaged areas and visibly reduce signs of irritation - soothing irritation while helping rejuvenate them for new growth.

This product is intended for use after cosmetic treatments and mild skin irritation in adults, children and infants. See more detail about product ingredient and etc. 

Advantages : 

It helps restore skin in less than an hour.

Instantaneously soothes skin.

Restores skin after extracting acne, using retinol and treating diaper rash in babies.

Balance the microflora on the skin for faster healing and recovery processes.

Protect the moisture barrier.

Helps achieve a clear recovery effect after usage.


Panthenol's presence helps moisturize and calm dry, irritated and burning sensations of skin areas for an enjoyable experience.

This product contains Madecassoside + Copper + Zinc + Manganese complex that helps promote skin repair.

Tribioma microbiological technology helps balance skin microflora.

The new cream texture is light and liquid, quickly absorbing active ingredients into the skin for antibacterial purposes and creating an ideal environment that allows recovery faster.

After squeezing acne, this product can help prevent dark spots from forming and keep them at bay.

Uses can help soothe skin irritations with maximum tolerance.

It helps restore goods, enhance skin barrier function threefold, and regenerate skin cells.

How to Order : 

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Conclusion : 

In summary, maintaining a healthy skin barrier is integral to overall well-being. The skin's multilayered structure acts as a protective shield against environmental threats. Damage to this barrier may result from various sources, such as allergen exposure, too much sun exposure, harsh chemicals or genetic predispositions. Healio Hydrating Cream's microbiological technology offers rapid solutions for rejuvenation and protection of skin health, providing rapid healing, soothing irritation relief, and protecting the moisture barrier. Adopting skin-friendly habits is an integral part of maintaining optimal skin health. Join our Wellness Affiliate Program now for exclusive discounts on an extensive range of skincare products!