How To Remove Excess Oil From Face - HEALIO - Healio Facial Cleanser

How To Remove Excess Oil From Face - HEALIO - Healio Facial Cleanser

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Oily skin results when the sebaceous glands in your skin produce too much sebum, an oily substance produced by sebaceous glands to keep skin lubricated and protected from excess moisture, but too much sebum production leads to an oily complexion and increases your risk for pimples or acne breakouts.

Stress, humidity, genetics and fluctuations in hormones may all play a part in why your face might be oily. But there are steps you can take to minimize oily skin and minimize breakout risk such as regular face washing and using home skin care remedies or over-the-counter topical treatments.

What Causes Oily Skin?

There can be various reasons for why your skin could become oily. They usually fall into two categories: health factors and environmental influences. Health reasons that contribute to oily skin could include fluctuating hormones in your body while environmental elements like humidity can aggravate the situation further.
Skin oil is produced by sebaceous glands within our skin. While there are sebaceous glands everywhere on our bodies, those most likely to produce too much sebum are often located on our scalps, faces and upper bodies. While sebum can provide numerous advantages - lubrication for the skin, antibacterial properties, sun protection properties, inflammation regulation regulation, wound healing - an excess of sebum can result in shiny complexions with acne or irritation symptoms that require medical intervention.
Genetics plays an integral part in sebum production; usually, larger pores will produce more oil for your skin to process and this factor may vary according to family and ethnic background.
Androgens, such as testosterone, are common hormones found both males and females alike. Testosterone is produced in sebaceous glands and studies have linked higher levels of this male hormone with increased oil production while female hormones like estrogen tend to reduce oil production from skin.
Lacking moisturizer Contrary to popular belief, moisturizer does not cause oily skin. In reality, however, if you're using acne treatments such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, moisturizer is necessary in order to keep the skin from becoming overly dry; without it any skin type would become dehydrated over time.
Attract moisture without skipping it by finding the appropriate moisturizer - lightweight water-based moisturizers may work better on oily skin types than heavy, thick creams do. Make this step part of your final step after cleansing and toning!
Consider products labeled as oil-free and noncomedogenic to keep pores clear.
Stress causes a surge of hormones into the bloodstream. One such hormone, corticotropin-releasing hormone, has been proven to bind with sebaceous glands on skin surfaces to increase oil production - another reason stress may aggravate acne symptoms.
High-glycemic diets rich in sugar and simple carbs may contribute to an increase in sebum production, since these carbs may raise levels of growth hormones that trigger oil production. More research needs to be conducted; however, recent studies have discovered an association between low-glycemic diets and reduced oil levels.
Humidity can increase sweating and oil production, increasing sweating rates. People living in humid climates may be more at risk of having oily skin than in dry winter climates; more likely to experience oily patches during humid summer months as opposed to dry winter ones. Furthermore, high humidity could even contribute to developing eczema.

Treatment For Oily Face ( Healio Facial Cleanser - HEALIO )

Healio Facial Cleanser is an oily and sensitive skin cleanser specially formulated to effectively and gently remove dirt and impurities from the skin while deep cleaning pores for fresher and more comfortable results.

Healio Facial Cleanser Gel offers an ideal pH balance of only 5.5 to ensure skin cleansing while still retaining essential natural oils without dryness or tightness. Furthermore, facial cleanser helps reduce inflammation and promote overall skin health.

Benefits : 

It Remove dirt, impurities, excess oil and sebum on the skin surface in order to help clean up, unclog pores and make skin appear brighter.
It Deeply cleansing pores gently and quickly is key to keeping skin looking brighter while preventing clogged pores from occurring.
It Maintain your natural moisture levels to avoid drying and tightening of skin after cleansing face, keeping skin moisturized after every wash session and preventing the possibility of becoming dry and tight.
It Prevents acne from forming by soothing inflammation and skin irritation, soothing skin conditions such as acne inflammation and irritation and helping reduce acne inflammation; soothes inflammation on skin while also preventing its formation on skin surface.

How to Order : 

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Overall, managing oily skin requires an integrated approach encompassing genetic, hormonal and environmental elements. Understanding sebum production patterns, hormone functions and their impact on stress and humidity levels allows for effective preventive measures. Healio Facial Cleanser was specifically formulated to meet this challenge - its balanced pH provides effective impurity removal while simultaneously protecting natural moisture levels and preventing acne outbreaks - all essential elements to achieve overall skin health and promote overall skin wellness. Through joining Healio Wellness Affiliate Program you have access to quality products while earning lifelong commissions emphasizing holistic approach towards skincare.