How To Grow Long Hair Quickly - Don't Ignore These 8 Things!

How To Grow Long Hair Quickly - Don't Ignore These 8 Things!

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1. Why Does Hair Grow Slowly?

Before revealing how to grow hair quickly at home, let's find out with StrongBody the causes of slow hair growth first!
In some cases, hair growth may be slower than normal, and may even be accompanied by breakage. This makes sufferers feel less confident and even affects their quality of life. So what is the cause of hair growing slower than normal?
According to experts, some causes of slow hair growth include:

* Hormonal imbalance under the influence of hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism,...
* Diet Lack of nutrients and vitamins on a daily basis prevents hair from growing quickly and does not ensure strength.
* People often experience prolonged stress and tension.
* People who have the habit of constantly doing their hair, especially using high temperatures or chemicals, also make their hair susceptible to porosity and breakage.
* Using dry shampoo for a long time can also inhibit the growth of hair follicles, causing slow hair growth.
* People with cancer, pneumonia,... or undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

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Slow hair growth can be affected by stress and prolonged stress

2. Answer: How To Grow Hair As Fast As Possible?

In order for your hair to grow as long as possible, you can refer to the following methods:

Trimming your hair regularly
If you are wondering how to grow your hair quickly, trimming your hair regularly is a solution that you can refer to.
Many people think that trimming their hair will make their hair shorter instead of growing longer. However, in reality, this has the ability to stimulate hair growth as well as effectively remove split ends and damaged hair. You should maintain trimming and cutting your hair every 3 months to be able to have long and strong hair quickly.

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Trimming your hair to remove damaged hair can stimulate rapid hair growth.

Provide enough nutrition for your hair.
One of the reasons why hair grows slowly is due to a lack of necessary nutrients. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to grow long hair quickly is to provide all the necessary nutrients for your hair.
Nutrient groups that should be given priority include:
* Protein: beef, eggs, milk and dairy products.
* Omega-3: mackerel, salmon, herring,...
* Collagen: chicken, egg whites, citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruit), cashews, bell peppers,...
* Vitamin B: dark green vegetables, animal liver and organs, beans,...
* Biotin: soybeans, salmon, pork, avocado, broccoli, bananas.

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Minerals are abundant in green vegetables and fruits.

Moisturizes hair
How to grow hair quickly in a short time? According to experts, one of the solutions to make your hair long, strong, and shiny is to regularly nourish and moisturize your hair. This will also help restore and reduce the damage your hair is experiencing.
When moisturizing your hair, you should prioritize using products and essential oils containing natural ingredients such as grapefruit essential oil, olive essential oil, coconut oil, etc.

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Moisturizing is a way to help hair grow faster without you can refer and do it.

Note: you should only use moisturizer when your hair has been washed with shampoo and when your hair is still damp. This will help the hair absorb maximum nutrients and bring maximum efficiency.

Clean the scalp
Cleansing the scalp regularly and properly helps keep the scalp clear and healthier. From there, create the most airy environment for hair to grow faster and longer.
However, you need to remember that you should not overdo washing and cleaning your scalp. Because this can cause the head to become dry, easier to flatten and become flat. Shampoo quality also needs to be carefully selected so that it is gentle and suitable for the nature of the scalp. It is better to use products of natural origin.

Scalp massage
Scalp massage is the next suggestion if you are still looking for safe but highly effective methods in stimulating hair growth. According to experts, scalp massage brings many specific effects such as reducing stress and increasing blood circulation to hair follicles. This helps support the growth of hair germ cells and stimulates hair growth.

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Scalp massage

To massage properly, you can follow these steps:
* Wash your hair with shampoo and rinse well.
* Combine scalp massage with moisturizing and hair treatment.
* Slowly use your fingers to gently rub into the oily skin in a spiral direction. Or you can also use a round comb and gently brush your hair from top to bottom.

Avoid changing many hairstyles
If you want to know how to grow your hair quickly, the answer is very simple: don't try to constantly change hairstyles for your hair. Because this can cause your hair to be easily damaged and unable to grow faster. It can even lead to hair breakage and loss.

In addition, you should also prioritize protecting your hair from the attacks of bacteria, harmful organisms or the harmful effects of sunlight for long periods of time by wearing a hat when going out, applying and using cream. Sunscreen for hair or regularly cleaning hair from dirt, etc.

Hopefully with the above sharing, readers can give themselves answers to questions about how to grow hair quickly. As well as having the best way to nourish, care for and protect your hair in the most effective way.