How Restore cerebral blood circulation after stroke - Memory Storm

How Restore cerebral blood circulation after stroke - Memory Storm

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Strokes are brain attacks similar to heart attacks, occurring when there's an interruption of blood flow to an area of ​​your brain, whether due to blocked arteries or internal bleeding. Strokes should always be considered life-threatening emergencies that require prompt medical treatment in order to prevent permanent damage or death.

What Is a Stroke?

A stroke (or transient ischemic attack, TIE) is a life-threatening condition in which part of your brain doesn't receive sufficient blood flow due to blocked arteries or bleeding within. Without enough oxygenated blood flowing to an affected area of ​​the brain, cells in this area begin dying due to lack of oxygen supply and oxygen deprivation.

Who Are Strokes Affecting? Anyone, from children to adults, is susceptible to stroke. However, some groups have greater risks than others (for instance, two-thirds of all strokes occur among those over age 65).

Certain medical conditions also increase the risk of stroke, including high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol (hyperlipidemia), Type 2 diabetes and those who have had previous strokes, heart attacks or irregular heart rhythms such as atrial fibrillation.

How will a stroke impact your body?

Strokes can be likened to heart attacks in that when one occurs, part of your brain loses blood supply, cutting off access to oxygen. Without oxygen reaching its cells, they become oxygen-deprived and stop functioning normally, eventually becoming non-functional altogether.

Your brain cells cannot survive without oxygen for too long; when enough of them die in one area of ​​your brain, the damage becomes permanent, and you can lose abilities once controlled by that area. Restoring blood flow to that area could potentially prevent that type of damage or limit its severity; time is crucial when treating a stroke.

What are the different types of stroke?

Strokes occur due to two primary processes: ischemia and haemorrhage.

Ischemic stroke 

Ischemia (pronounced "iss-key-me-uh") occurs when cells don't receive sufficient blood flow to supply them with oxygen. Typically, this happens because something blocks off blood vessels in your brain, restricting blood flow to them and leading to Ischemic strokes being the leading type of strokes, accounting for approximately 80% of all strokes.

Hemorrhagic Strokes

A hemorrhagic (pronounced "hem-or-aj-ick") stroke causes bleeding into or around your brain in one of two ways.

Bleeding from within your head (intracerebral). This occurs when one or more blood vessels in your brain rip or burst, leading to bleeding that presses against brain tissue, creating pressure.

An arachnoid membrane, with its thin spiderweb-patterned tissue covering your entire brain.

As different areas of your brain control different abilities, stroke symptoms depend on which part is affected. An example would be when Broca's area - an area responsible for how muscles in your face and mouth work when speaking - is affected. As such, people affected may slur their words or experience difficulty when communicating after having had a stroke.

Stroke symptoms may include one or more of the following:

One-sided weakness or paralysis.

Aphasia (difficulties with or loss of speaking ability), etc

How to Restore Cerebral Blood Circulation After Stroke

There are many treatment options available to restore cerebral blood circulation after a stroke. But the most convenient is below: 

Memory Strom ( SharpClear ) 

After suffering a stroke, patients can face many serious repercussions to both the brain and blood vessels. Cevinton Forte was designed with the power to dissolve blood clots quickly and prevent future strokes while simultaneously mitigating post-stroke sequelae such as angina or myocardial infarction effectively.

Even when treated promptly, stroke patients remain susceptible to nerve and blood vessel damage that could cause paralysis, language disorders and emotional instability, as well as intellectual decline and memory loss. At such times, brain nutrients should be provided abundantly so it may function correctly while increasing resistance, improving blood circulation to the brain, and ultimately strengthening memory retention.


Sharp & Clear contains vinpocetin, an ingredient which promotes blood circulation to the brain, aiding its flexibility and normal movement. Vinpocetin works to reduce platelet aggregation, strengthen blood vessels and relieve mental and neurological signs associated with various cerebrovascular conditions (after cerebral infarction, trauma or trauma-related conditions and multiple sclerosis). It may help with cognitive issues as well as reduce mental fatigue due to various neurovascular disorders. Doctors and neurologists alike often recommend this ingredient for patients suffering from memory disorders, aphasia, movement disorders, dizziness or headaches. Additionally, it contains an amazing ingredient from Japan called Nattokinase - making this product truly special! This enzyme extracted from fermented soybeans helps dissolve blood clots, improve circulation and blood pressure regulation, prevent strokes and helps stabilize it all with vitamin B6, an essential nutrient which plays a crucial role in brain health, helping protect against Alzheimer's disease risk.


After recovering from a stroke, patients often face many dangerous sequelae. Citicoline may help by stimulating the biosynthesis of phospholipids on nerve cell membranes, thus reducing the risk of brain damage, improving nerve conduction function and preventing stroke and neurosurgery. It also supports Alzheimer's disease treatment as well as memory loss due to multiple infarctions, traumatic brain injuries or stroke. Nattokinase can reduce platelet adhesions while increasing circulation, stabilizing blood pressure levels and safely and effectively preventing post-stroke sequelae.

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Strokes are medical emergencies that demand immediate care. Similar to heart attacks, strokes arise from interrupted blood flow to the brain and may lead to irreparable damage if treated immediately. They affect people of all ages regardless of medical history, and certain medical conditions may increase risks further. It is therefore crucial for early intervention and restoring cerebral blood circulation after a stroke occurs - Memory Strom provides a convenient solution with its potent ingredients; Cevinton Forte and Citicoline address post-stroke complications with comprehensive care approaches that address each aspect.


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