Help Mothers Buy Necessary Items For Newborns

Help Mothers Buy Necessary Items For Newborns

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1. Mom, Remember To Prepare Enough Newborn Clothes For Your Baby!

Among the necessary items for newborns, mothers must definitely add them to the preparation list: clothes. When choosing clothes for your baby, mothers need to prioritize criteria such as quantity, size, and fabric to suit the baby. Specifically:

  • Newborn shirts: first of all, mothers should prepare at least 5-6 newborn shirts for their babies. Prioritize those with soft, airy materials if the mother gives birth in the summer, and warm if the mother gives birth in the winter. And the fabric needs to be sweat-absorbent and safe for your baby's skin. Currently, there are many stores selling one-piece bodysuits, mothers can buy a few sets like this for their baby because it will help keep their baby's belly warm;

  • Newborn pants: within the first month of birth, mothers only need to buy about 5 pairs of pants for their baby (if it is summer) and 10 pairs (if the baby is born in winter).

Even though your baby can't move much at birth, mothers should prepare enough in case the baby vomits and needs a change of clothes. In addition, mothers should not buy too much for their babies because newborns rapidly increase in weight over the months. If you buy a lot of clothes from the beginning, your baby may not be able to wear them or the clothes are not suitable for the weather, leading to waste.
Mothers should choose clothes according to the baby's size and expected birth weight, or maybe a little looser for the baby to wear comfortably. You should not choose clothes decorated with small motifs such as plastic beads, buttons, strings, etc. because it will be dangerous for your baby if swallowed or placed on the baby's face or neck while sleeping.

2. Accessories That Come With Baby Clothes

Besides clothes, which are must-have items, mothers also need to pay attention to preparing other accessories such as socks, hats, gloves, foot covers, towels, and towels. milk,... for the baby. Specific quantities are as follows:

  • Newborn hats: 2 pieces

  • Gloves, foot covers: about 5 pairs each. Whether your baby is born in winter or summer, these two items are still essential for children. Mothers should prioritize soft fabrics, should not use fabrics with elastic bands because they can tighten the wrists and ankles and hurt the baby;

  • Facial towels: about 2 soft towels used separately when washing the face;

  • Milk towel: used to line the baby's chin and neck when feeding the baby. Because newborns vomit very easily, mothers should buy at least 30 - 40 towels (4 - 6 layers) to change;

  • Towels: 2 - 3 large towels that cover the baby's body;

  • Neck bibs: helps keep your baby's neck warm, at least 5 pieces;

  • Blankets: in the summer, mothers should use blankets or mesh blankets for their babies, and in winter, prioritize feather blankets;

  • Pillow: newborns do not need a pillow yet, so first use a towel or low pillow to cover the baby's head when lying down;

  • Multi-purpose dry towel: this is a disposable towel, used when cleaning, changing diapers, and diapers for babies. Mothers should use dry towels instead of wet towels because wet towels often contain alcohol or chemicals that are not good for the baby's skin;

  • Newborn pads: 2 - 3 pieces used to rest on the baby's bottom every time the mother changes diapers to avoid soiling the bed sheet while cleaning the baby.

3. Do You Know Which Diaper Is Duitable For Your Baby?

Diapers are an indispensable item in mothers' birth baskets. Currently there are many different types of diapers on the market. Depending on financial ability, usage needs and suitability for the baby's skin, mothers can choose the most suitable diaper for their baby. Mothers should keep in mind the following criteria when buying diapers:

* Diapers are still in their expiration date;
* Diapers are produced with clear brands and origins;
* Choose diapers according to your needs. There are the following types of diapers: newborn pads, diapers and pants. Among them:

  • Newborn pads/patches are usually only used by mothers in the first days when the baby is still passing meconium and are glued to the crotch of the baby's underwear;

  • Adhesive diapers: are diapers that can be easily opened and closed, with 2 adhesive points on both sides of the pants belt to help mothers take them off more quickly. However, this type of diaper is only suitable for babies who cannot roll over (about under 4 months old). Because when a child can adjust his or her own position, the diaper can easily come off;

  • Diapers: designed to look like underwear. The way to wear diapers is similar to the way to wear pants, suitable for older children who can roll over, roll over, crawl, walk, etc.

  • Mothers should choose diapers with good absorbency and water level markings. when the baby pees and poops, it is convenient to change diapers, and at the same time, the thin, light and soft design avoids causing squeaking and rashes on the baby's skin;

  • Buy the correct size and body weight of your baby;

  • Similar to clothes, mothers should only buy enough diapers for necessary use, and should not store too many because newborns gain weight quickly.

4. Formula Milk

Formula milk is also a necessary item for newborns. Because not all pregnant women have milk right after giving birth or their breast milk does not have enough time to meet the child's nutritional needs. Therefore, mothers should find out in advance which types of formula milk are suitable for their babies in case the mother lacks milk to feed the baby.
Note: Mothers should buy bar milk or small cans of milk for short-term use while waiting for breast milk to avoid waste if the baby does not use it later. In addition, mothers must choose milk produced in accordance with the baby's age.

5. Baby Skin Care Products

Newborns have extremely sensitive skin and are susceptible to allergies or rashes. Therefore, mothers need to choose benign skin care products specifically for newborns. Below is a list of items that should be in your baby's skin care wardrobe:

  • Massage oil, moisturizer;

  • Shower gel with 2-in-1 bath and shampoo function;

  • Anti-diaper cream: because you have to wear diapers almost 24/7, your baby's skin around the buttocks is very susceptible to diaper rash. Therefore, mothers must definitely have this cream in their shopping cart;

  • Physiological saline used for eye drops and nose drops such as Fysoline, Sodium Chloride 0.9%,...;

  • Cajuput essential oil: used to keep children's back, abdomen, chest, palms and soles of feet warm, very useful when the weather turns cold or to prevent the risk of insect bites.

6. Other Necessary Items

In addition to the necessary items for newborns mentioned above, mothers also need to prepare more:

  • Baby bottles: you should have at least 2 bottles to use alternately. Mothers should prioritize those with soft, anti-choking and anti-colic nipples to limit the risk of children vomiting when eating;

  • Brush and milk bottle cleaner;

  • Milk warmer, milk bottle sterilizer;

  • Small cotton swabs for children;

  • Nasal aspirator;

  • Oral thrush (or tongue tie) to clean your baby's tongue and oral cavity;

  • Baby nail clipping kit;

  • Thermometer;

  • Wardrobe specifically for children;

  • Children's own bathtub and wash basin.

Thus, making a list of necessary items for newborns is extremely necessary. This not only helps mothers buy the right items and all the items they need, but also helps mothers be more proactive in finances as well as taking care of their baby after birth.