Extremely Effective Ways To Help You Wake Up Quickly

Extremely Effective Ways To Help You Wake Up Quickly

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1. Why Do You Often Lack Alertness After Waking Up?

In fact, many people feel tired and lack alertness after waking up. This phenomenon occurs for many different reasons. It could be because you are lacking sleep, have insomnia all night and wake up in the morning to find your body sluggish and sleepy. This affects health as well as the quality of daily life. Therefore, let's try to adjust our biological clock and get enough sleep to wake up in the morning!
Besides, some people sleep in the wrong position, so when they wake up their whole body is sore and lacks alertness. To solve this situation, you should choose the most comfortable sleeping position, so we will have a good night's sleep and no longer feel tired when we wake up.
If you stay sluggish and lack alertness all day long, you will work ineffectively and affect your friends and colleagues around you. Ideally, we should start a new day with lots of energy to live and work more effectively.

2. Share Tips To Help You Wake Up Effectively

Lack of sleep is the leading cause of fatigue and lack of alertness the next morning. If you want to wake up quickly and start a more effective day of work and study, you can refer to and apply a few tips below. In particular, we need to adjust some daily living habits, diet and exercise.

2.1. Adjust Your Daily Habits

To practice proactive habits for yourself, you should only set the alarm 1-2 times and try to wake up quickly after hearing the bell. To be motivated to wake up when you hear the alarm, you can set the ringer volume to the highest level and place your phone and watch out of reach. With this approach, when the alarm rings, we will quickly wake up.
On the contrary, many people set many alarms 5 - 10 minutes apart to get a little more sleep. The constant ringing of the bell will negatively affect your sleep quality and make it more difficult to wake up. It's best for you to give up this habit and train yourself to get up quickly after hearing an alarm bell.
To stay awake in the morning, we should limit surfing on smartphones after waking up. After waking up, some people do not get out of bed and do personal hygiene immediately, instead they still lie down and use the phone for 15 - 20 minutes. This makes us feel tired and lack of alertness after getting out of bed. If you want to wake up in the morning, it's best not to scroll through your phone as soon as you wake up.
Besides, to become more alert in the morning, you can listen to some music or spend time sunbathing from the window. These small habits will help you stay alert, mentally excited, and much happier.

2.2. Maintain An Exercise Habit After Waking Up

Gentle exercise is a good suggestion for those who need to wake up in the morning. When starting a new day, we don't need to do intense exercises. Instead, spend about 15 - 30 minutes every morning doing gentle exercise!
One of the simple exercises, suitable for all ages, is gentle walking. It cannot be denied that walking in the morning has many health benefits. This is your opportunity to enjoy the fresh air of the early morning. Thanks to that, our spirit will feel comfortable and have more energy. Besides, when you walk, your muscle groups are warmed up, ready to serve you all day long.

2.3. Building Appropriate Eating Habits

Many of you are surprised to learn that sleep quality is also more or less affected by daily eating habits. To be able to wake up quickly every morning, you should adjust your diet to be more scientific and healthy.
Specifically, we should not abuse coffee or energy drinks to become more alert. In general, these products only work for a short period of time, after which you will continue to be in a state of fatigue and lack of alertness. This greatly affects our health and work productivity.
Instead of regularly using caffeinated drinks, you should increase your body's water intake to limit dehydration. Many studies have shown that dehydration is one of the reasons why you feel tired and lack alertness. In particular, adding enough water also helps the excretory system work more effectively, reducing feelings of drowsiness and lack of alertness.
Nutrition experts also encourage us to eat less sweet foods, because this causes an increase in blood sugar, causing a feeling of fatigue and drowsiness in the body, especially when you first wake up. We can prioritize eating fruits that are naturally sweet instead of eating sweets that contain too much sugar.