Experience Losing Weight After Tet To Help You Get Back In Shape

Experience Losing Weight After Tet To Help You Get Back In Shape

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1. Some Experiences To Help You Lose Weight After Tet

After Tet, our weight tends to increase, making you feel more self-conscious when wearing attractive, body-hugging outfits. Because, during this period, we spend a lot of time going out to eat, partying and rarely exercising.
When Tet ends, you can set a goal to lose weight after Tet to quickly have an attractive figure like before. When losing weight, you should not fast or abuse weight loss aids sold on the market. These methods are not very effective, on the contrary, they can cause you to lose weight and negatively affect your health.
To lose weight safely and effectively, you need to build a scientific weight loss menu, combined with moderate and healthy living habits. We can refer to some experiences below to lose weight successfully! 

1.1. About Diet

For people who want to lose weight after the Tet holiday, vegetables are indispensable foods in the daily menu. This food source provides vitamins as well as fiber for the body, helping to reduce blood fat extremely well. At the same time, thanks to fiber and vitamins, our body quickly eliminates cholesterol.
In particular, vegetables are quite diverse, you have many options to change your daily menu, increasing your appetite when eating. In particular, we should prioritize steaming or boiling food instead of eating fried foods. During Tet days, you probably ate a lot of meat, fish and greasy foods. To successfully relieve boredom and lose weight after Tet, we should prioritize boiled and steamed dishes. Thanks to this, the amount of cholesterol absorbed by the body will be less.
Many people deliberately fast to lose weight quickly. In fact, this is a misconception and directly affects your health. Instead of fasting, we need to maintain 3 meals/day and adjust the menu accordingly. In particular, we absolutely must not skip breakfast to provide energy for a long working day. Eating breakfast will help you concentrate more on work and not feel hungry in the middle of the day. During snacks we will eat less.
Instead of drinking carbonated drinks and soft drinks, you should supplement your body with plenty of filtered water. Nutrition experts encourage you to drink water before meals, especially breakfast. This habit brings extremely surprising benefits, helping you reduce calorie consumption by up to 13%. Meanwhile, carbonated drinks can bring many harmful effects to our health, hindering our weight loss process after Tet.

1.2. About Living Regime 

Along with maintaining a scientific and healthy diet, we need to combine moderate living and proper exercise and sports. Thus, you will soon regain your slim figure after the Tet holiday.
An extremely important rule when losing weight is going to bed on time and getting enough sleep. If you go to bed on time, your body will produce the hormone Leptin to help you no longer feel hungry, your body becomes healthier, and your spirit is happy. Thanks to that, in daily life, we will feel comfortable with dieting and happily exercise.
During Tet, we often eat and sleep at irregular times and go to bed quite late because of night parties. Therefore, when losing weight after Tet, you should change your biological clock, go to bed before 10pm and make sure to sleep 7-8 hours every day!
We should not ignore exercise and sports, this is an extremely good way to support weight loss. In particular, the morning is the most suitable time to exercise, helping the body burn more calories. When exercising, you should perform moderate exercises, maintain moderate exercise to avoid serious effects. to health.

2. Suggested Weight Loss Menu After Tet Holiday

If you need to lose weight after Tet, please immediately refer to a few weight loss menu suggestions below.
For breakfast, we prioritize dishes that are simple, quick and ensure that we provide enough energy for the body. Among them, salad is not a bad suggestion at all, especially chicken breast salad. This dish not only adds fiber but also provides protein to help you have energy and work more effectively. In general, chicken breast is an indispensable food in the menu of people who are losing weight. We can prepare it into many different dishes to change the taste regularly.
In addition, for breakfast, you can try oatmeal dishes, combined with yogurt, dried nuts or fruits. This is an extremely healthy breakfast that ensures the body provides the necessary energy.
If you want to lose weight after Tet, you should adjust your lunch and dinner portions to be less than usual. Among them, we need to prioritize choosing simple dishes such as boiling, steaming, and adding more vegetables. In particular, we should not eat lunch or dinner too late, this is not good for our health.
During the day, you should have a few extra meals with yogurt, fruit or nuts and cereals to support weight loss.

Hopefully the above sharing will help you lose weight after Tet effectively, safely and quickly get back in shape. It is important that you know how to combine diet and daily activities.