Body Scent Enhancement Edible Gel

Yoshino Cherry Blossom Extract: Embrace the delicate and enchanting essence of Yoshino Cherry Blossom Extract. Known for its soothing properties, it brings a touch of floral elegance to our product, enhancing the overall sensory delight.
Damask Rose Essential Oil: Elevate your experience with the timeless allure of Damask Rose Essential Oil. Celebrated for its rich and captivating aroma, it adds a layer of sophistication while offering potential skin-soothing benefits.
Lily Essential Oil: Immerse yourself in the subtle, sweet notes of Lily Essential Oil. This ingredient not only contributes to the delightful fragrance but may also bring a sense of tranquility and relaxation to your sensory journey.
Rose Geranium Essential Oil: Unveil the harmonious blend of floral and herbal tones with Rose Geranium Essential Oil. Renowned for its balancing properties, it complements the overall composition, creating a sensorial masterpiece.

Every ingredient in our product is thoughtfully chosen to provide you with a luxurious and pleasurable experience. Imbued with the essence of nature's finest blooms, our product is more than a beauty regimen—it's a celebration of indulgence and self-care.

Box of 20 packs x 20 ml.

Shelf life 
36 months


Body Scent Enhancement Edible Gel - B4BY

Elevate Your Sensual Experience with B4BY Body Scent Enhancement Edible Gel

Unleash a new realm of pleasure and well-being with B4BY Body Scent Enhancement Edible Gel, a revolutionary product designed to go beyond the ordinary. Crafted with a unique blend of benefits, this gel is not just a treat for the senses but also a holistic solution for your overall well-being.



Key Benefits
Balances Hormones and Enhances Intimacy: Achieve hormonal harmony and elevate your intimacy life with B4BY Body Scent Enhancement Edible Gel. Specially formulated ingredients work to balance hormones, promoting a healthier and more satisfying sensual experience.
Fight Against Glycation and Oxidation: Say goodbye to the unwanted effects of glycation and oxidation processes in the body. This edible gel acts as a formidable defender, combating these processes to keep your body vibrant and youthful.
Rejuvenates the Skin and Strengthens the Body: Experience a holistic rejuvenation as the gel nourishes your skin and strengthens your body from within. Revel in the benefits of skin revitalization and an overall sense of vitality.
Reduces Hormonal Imbalance-Induced Skin Issues: Bid farewell to skin issues triggered by hormonal imbalances, such as melasma, dark spots, and acne. B4BY Body Scent Enhancement Edible Gel addresses these concerns, promoting clear and radiant skin.
Nourishes for a Bright, Smooth, and Healthy Glow: Indulge in the nourishing properties that provide your skin with a bright, smooth, and healthy glow. Let your radiance shine through as you embrace the benefits of this edible gel.
Purifies Body Odor with a Gentle Natural Fragrance: Experience a delightful transformation as the gel not only purifies body odor but also leaves you with a gentle, natural fragrance. Enhance your natural allure with this unique and sensual touch.

Usage Instructions
Dosage: 1 – 2 tablets per day. Ideal timing:
Take away from meals by 2 hours or before sleep by 30 – 60 minutes.
Take 30–40 minutes before important occasions.

Embark on a journey of sensory delight and well-being with B4BY Body Scent Enhancement Edible Gel. Elevate your intimate moments and embrace a life filled with pleasure, harmony, and holistic wellness.


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