Artificial Eye Drops

Natrium Hyaluronic
Natrium Cloris
Axit Aminocaproic
Pure water 10 ml.

Shelf Life 

4 weeks after opening.


Bottle of 20 ml.


Artificial Eye Drops - MOISTEYE

Today, the popularity of electronic devices such as computers and smartphones has caused the majority of users to suffer from a number of problems related to quite common eye diseases such as dry eyes, itching, and fatigue eyes...

Therefore, the eyes need the support of artificial tears to replenish water and provide enough moisture needed for the eyeball to help improve the above problems. Artificial Eye Drops - MoistEye will help you solve those problems.


What are artificial eye drops – MoistEye?

The role of tears is to help clean the eyes, kill bacteria that enter from the outside environment, and help keep the cornea transparent to maintain the eye's ability to see.

Artificial eye drops, also known as Artificial Tear Drops For Eyes, are an ideal replacement for natural tears, helping to limit the lack of tears that causes a number of problems such as dry eyes, burning, and sensitivity to light. bright sunlight, poor vision, foreign objects inside the eye.


Uses of Artificial Eye Drops - MoistEye
Artificial Eye Drops - MoistEye are solutions with the main uses of helping to moisten and temporarily soothe the burning sensation, irritation and discomfort in the eyes caused by direct exposure to sunlight and wind, dirt, and protects eyes from other irritants.
Furthermore, artificial eye drops also help reduce dry eyes in cases where patients are frequently exposed to electronic devices such as computers and phones for long periods of time, and in premenopausal women. menstruation, the elderly, people wearing contact lenses, and after eye surgery.

How To Use
Put 1-2 drops into your eyes when you feel eye fatigue, dry eyes, eye pain,...


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