Anso - Saline Wound Wash

Sodium Chloride Salt 99.8% (NaCl)

Box of 24 packets x 4.5gr

Shelf Life
5 years


Anso - Saline Wound Wash - Anso

Introducing Anso - Saline Wound Wash, your premier choice for wound care and healing. Formulated with top-grade Sodium Chloride Salt (NaCl), our revolutionary blend is expertly crafted to delicately cleanse wounds and facilitate the healing process with utmost efficacy. Experience the superior quality of Anso - Saline Wound Wash today!


Anso - Saline Wound Wash

Introducing Anso - Saline Wound Wash, your go-to solution for wound care and healing. This exceptional product is meticulously formulated to deliver two key functions:

1. Gentle Cleansing: Anso - Saline Wound Wash effectively removes dirt and tissue from wounds, providing a thorough yet gentle cleanse. Its unique exfoliating action ensures that wounds are cleansed without causing irritation, promoting a clean and healthy healing environment.

2. Moisture Retention: With its advanced formula, Anso - Saline Wound Wash helps maintain optimal moisture levels to support the healing process. By retaining moisture, it creates an environment conducive to wound healing while effectively removing bacteria, further enhancing the healing process.

3. Safe and Effective: Formulated with 99.8% Sodium Chloride Salt, Anso - Saline Wound Wash is safe for use on all types of wounds. It does not contain common salt, ensuring superior performance and optimal wound care.

Instructions for Use:
Dissolve the Anso salt packet in 500ml of bottled water or water treated through an RO membrane.
Ensure the water is warm for best results.
Shake well before use to ensure proper mixing of the solution.
Refer to the warning information, instructions for use, and warranty details provided in the accompanying instructions for comprehensive guidance.

Avoid using common salt for dilution.
Then use 0.9% physiological saline solution.
Use bottle water or water treated through RO membrane.

Don't compromise on wound care. Choose Anso - Saline Wound Wash for gentle yet effective cleansing and support for the healing process. Experience the difference in wound care with Anso today!


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