6 Ways To Reduce Blood Pressure At Home You Should Not Miss!

6 Ways To Reduce Blood Pressure At Home You Should Not Miss!

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1. Why Is It Necessary To Reduce Blood Pressure?

Many people wonder why they should maintain and implement blood pressure lowering methods for people with hypertension and high blood pressure. According to experts, frequent and sudden increases in blood pressure can cause complications or dangerous health conditions. Therefore, implementing daily measures to reduce blood pressure, stabilize blood pressure or provide emergency first aid is an effective solution to help protect the patient's health.

2. Ways To Reduce Blood Pressure For Patients

In fact, there are many simple and effective ways to reduce blood pressure at home. Below are some solutions that you can refer to and apply.

Soak your feet in hot water
One of the ways to reduce blood pressure is to soak your feet in hot water. This method helps support the process of transporting and circulating blood from the brain to the legs regularly. From there, the body's blood pressure will also be more stable, avoiding possible dangerous complications. In addition, this method also helps relax the mind, sleep well, and eliminate foot odor.

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Soaking your feet in hot water helps the patient stabilize and reduce blood pressure.

To reduce blood pressure at home by soaking your feet, the patient should follow these steps:
* Prepare a basin of warm water with a temperature ranging from 40 - 50 degrees Celsius is best.
* Put your feet in a basin of hot water and sit in the most comfortable position.
* Soak your feet for about 10 - 15 minutes, then take your feet out and let them dry.

Note: Do not soak your feet for too long to avoid possible dry skin. At the same time, do not use water that is too hot if you do not want your feet to burn. When soaking your feet, you can add a little aromatic essential oil to the water to soak.

Massage for the neck and ears
Although it is very simple and easy to do, not everyone knows that massaging the neck and ears is a way to reduce blood pressure and bring high efficiency to health. With this method, you have the following 2 ways to do it:
* From the earlobe position, pull your finger forward about 5mm. Massage this area in a circular motion for about 1 minute. Note: You should massage both sides at the same time to achieve balance.
* Perform massage along a straight line extending from the earlobe to the neck area. Repeat this movement about 10 times with each ear.
Both of the above methods have the common effect of reducing tension in the neck and ear area. This helps lower blood pressure quickly and tends to become more stable.

Drinking filtered water
It may sound unbelievable, but according to experts' recommendations, drinking filtered water is a way to reduce blood pressure every day that anyone can apply. Because a large amount of water in the body is one of the causes that can lead to abnormally high blood pressure.
Therefore, when you notice your body showing signs of high blood pressure, you should try to drink 1 - 2 glasses of water. This will help the body restore body blood volume to a safe level and lower blood pressure.

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You should drink a glass of filtered water when you notice signs of high blood pressure.

Practice breathing through your left nose 
You may not know, practicing breathing through your left nose is a solution to relax blood vessels, reducing the appearance of hormones. cause stress. Thanks to that, patients can control their blood pressure better.
​With this way to reduce blood pressure, patients should do the following:
* Sit with a straight back and maintain the body in the most comfortable state.
* Place your left hand on your stomach and use your right thumb to close your right nostril.
* Breathe deeply and slowly through the left nose for 3 - 5 minutes and end the exercise.

Perform Savasana pose
Savasana pose is also known as corpse pose - a form of yoga that is highly effective in reducing blood pressure and heart rate. Therefore, people with high blood pressure can completely practice this exercise.

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Savasana pose has the effect of stabilizing blood pressure for patients.

To reduce blood pressure through Savasana pose, the practitioner needs to:
* Lie face up on the floor, yoga mat or bed and close your eyes.
* Loosen and relax all muscle groups of the body.
* Maintain this condition for about 10 - 15 minutes and then end the exercise.

Change your diet
Diet is one of the extremely important factors that affect each person's blood pressure. Therefore, people who often suffer from high blood pressure need to pay attention to their diet with the following notes:
* Reduce the amount of salt in the diet.
* Limit the use of alcohol, tobacco or substances and drinks containing stimulants. * Supplement food groups rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium.
* Prioritize the use of dark green vegetables and fresh fruits in the daily menu.
* Minimize foods high in saturated fat.
* Prioritize the use of green vegetables and fruits

Above is a summary of some ways to reduce blood pressure for patients at home that StrongBody wants to share with readers. High blood pressure can happen to anyone and at any time. Therefore, instead of being subjective, patients need to proactively implement solutions to improve and monitor their own health.