5 Breathing Methods That Are Beneficial For Health - Did You Know?

5 Breathing Methods That Are Beneficial For Health - Did You Know?

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1. What is proper breathing?

Before learning breathing methods, you need to know what proper breathing is. Accordingly, breathing is an activity or respiratory movement to maintain life. At this time, your body will use the diaphragm maximally and effectively to control and maintain a stable breathing rate.

Proper breathing includes two phases: inhalation and exhalation. In particular, when inhaling, the diaphragm pushes down and the abdomen stretches, and when exhaling, the diaphragm rises and the abdomen contracts. This rhythmic coordination of inhalation and exhalation helps bring oxygen into the lungs and remove carbon dioxide from the body.

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Breathing properly is when the body has a smooth coordination between inhalation and exhalation.

2. Correct breathing methods

There are many different breathing techniques and methods that you can refer to and apply. to bring many health benefits.

Diaphragmatic breathing
This is a rather complicated breathing method and a bit tiring in the beginning of practice. However, if you have mastered it, you will feel relaxed, comfortable and extremely comfortable. You should do it 3-4 times a day, each time 5-10 minutes.

First, lie on your back with your head on a pillow and your knees slightly bent, you can add a pillow under your knees. Next, place one hand on your chest and the other hand under your diaphragm and slowly inhale through your nose. While inhaling, keep a steady position with both hands, until you feel your abdominal muscles tighten, then slowly exhale by pursing your lips.

Alternate nostril breathing
This breathing method has both a relaxing effect and enhances cardiovascular function, and is often applied to people who are constantly tired or have obstructive lung disease. The ideal time to practice this breathing method is on an empty stomach.

First, maintain a comfortable sitting position. Next, use the thumb of the right hand to close the right nostril when exhaling. At the same time, inhale through the left nostril and then use the ring finger and middle finger of the right hand to close the left nostril. Then, release the thumb and exhale through the right nostril, then inhale through the right nostril and close it with the thumb. Continue to release your fingers on the left nostril to exhale through this nostril. Just do this for about 5 minutes and then stop.

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The alternate nostril breathing method helps improve shortness of breath and is good for the heart.

Even breathing method
Evenly breathing helps stabilize and balance breathing, thereby improving the state of loss of calm, stress, and anxiety. pressure. The way to do it is also very simple, you just need to sit comfortably and inhale and exhale through your nose, making sure these 2 breaths are the same length, about 3 - 5 counts. Just do this for about 5 minutes, you can combine it with walking or yoga once you get used to this breathing method.

Deep breathing method
Deep breathing helps improve shortness of breath and increase concentration. Compared to the regular breathing method, deep breathing is different, that is, you inhale deeply into your nose and hold your breath for about 5 counts, then exhale also through your nose but gently and slowly. .

Pursed lip breathing method
This breathing method is extremely simple, often used to slow down the frequency of breathing in cases of climbing stairs, carrying heavy objects, bending low, etc. First, you keep The neck and shoulders are most comfortable. Next, close your mouth and inhale through your nose, after 2 counts, exhale through your mouth but your lips are still pursed, leaving only a small gap for air to pass through.

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The pursed-lip breathing method is simple but highly effective, especially when working hard.

3. Benefits of breathing properly

Applying breathing methods properly brings the following great benefits.

* If you are often stressed, pressured and tired from work, study, etc. then practice breathing properly. This helps you quickly regain calm, focus, and feel more comfortable and relaxed.
* Breathing properly helps stimulate the body to produce endorphins, which have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. Therefore, when you are scratched or bleeding from an open wound, breathing - especially deep breathing - will help you feel less pain and discomfort.
* Breathing properly is good for heart health because more and better oxygen is delivered to heart cells. Thereby improving circulation, reducing heart rate and controlling blood pressure, preventing strokes.
* Proper breathing methods also help the lungs expand and thoroughly remove residual air from the lungs. When the lungs are protected, the body's respiratory function will be enhanced, the body receives more oxygen.
* Some breathing techniques combined with exercise and movement help the body burn energy effectively, thereby supporting safe weight loss and maintaining ideal weight.
* Breathing properly is also a way to restrain emotions and control yourself to avoid anger and hot flashes that can hurt yourself and others. In general, when you feel angry and lose your temper, try to breathe deeply, at this point, everything will become lighter.